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6600 Maynard Farm Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27516









Our goal is to create and maintain a first class dressage facility in an environment that is:

Bullet Physically safe and mentally healthy for all

Bullet Conducive to a quality learning and growth experience

Bullet Allows for personal attention to details

Bullet Clean and organized

Bullet  Fun and friendly

Lynn Leath designed and built this facility in 1998, using her years of horse experience to provide maximum mental and physical health, safety, and comfort for her top level competitive sport horses and riders. Before moving her operation to Chapel Hill, Lynn had operated NSTC in Apex, NC since 1983.

The Leath family lives on the farm which is gated for maximum security.  Hay is stored in a separate building for fire safety.  Pastures are all double fenced to prevent horses fighting over fence lines.

Photos by Tara Clark

Bullet Olympic size covered riding arena (size 80' x 208')

Bullet Permaflex rubber footing in arena

Bullet Footing groomed daily

Bullet Mirrored wall (70' x 6') on one full end

Bullet Extensive lights for night time riding

Bullet PA system for instruction or music

Bullet Overhead sprinkler system for dust control

Bullet Insulated roof and skylights helps keep cool in summer

Bullet Only 6 stalls: 12'x12' with rubber mats

Bullet Cross-training on the 1/3 mile track that gently undulates to provide an excellent environment to strengthen and condition, as well as work outside of the arena.

Bullet Covered paddock outside of each stall

Bullet Ceiling fan above each stall

Bullet Well lighted and ventilated

Bullet Heated tack room and restroom

Bullet Washer/Dryer (fits horse blankets!)

Bullet Wash stall with industrial heater and fan

"Most horses need at least limited turn out, but the pasture needs to be safe, and the horse needs a place to get out of the elements, so I designed the barn with many options. When the horses are  in their stalls, the Dutch doors can be opened (or shut in the winter), yokes into the aisle can   allow them to hang their heads out and see, or the sliding doors may be shut to avoid nipping  other horses. In good weather, the horses may be allowed to come in and out at will, so that if the weather turns bad, or the flies begin to bother them. They are free to go into their stalls where there is protection from the wind or rain, plenty of fresh water, shade and a ceiling fan. When the pastures are wet, the horses can still have access to their individual covered “patio”. Turn out may be alone, or with a buddy, but never in groups"

Spacious 51 foot round pen with tall solid walls is ideal for working with young horses, lunging, or long lining.

The show barn was added in 2000, to accommodate horses coming in for clinics, and as an overflow barn for horses in training. It has access to its own two acre pasture.

Lynn added a heated teaching pavilion, so she no longer feels the need to go to Florida for the winter!

North Star training Center is spread out over 32 acres, with four spacious pastures, and a 1/3-mile galloping track.

(Photo by Jack Griffith)

North Star Training Center is conveniently located in the North Carolina Triangle and Triad:

45 minutes east of Greensboro
45 minutes west of Raleigh/Cary/Apex
30 minutes southwest of Durham
20 minutes north of Pittsboro
20 minutes south of Hillsborough
70 minutes north of Southern Pines


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