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Building on the lessons she learned during her many years of experience, Lynn trained and successfully competed several horses up the levels. 

The following are just a few of those horses...

d’Artagnan, is a Hanoverian gelding that Lynn found in the spring of 2004, when he was a green broke rising five-year old. Together they embarked on what turned out to be a very successful showing career, culminating at Grand Prix.

Following are some highlights from d’Artagnan’s career....
2004: Training level debut 
High Score Champion 82%

Photo by Tobe Saskor

2004: First level debut 72%

Photo by Phelps Photo


2005: Second level debut 
High Score Champion 76%

Photo by Patty Bauchman


At the CDI*** Raleigh, d'Artagnan won all three of his Second level classes and helped earn Lynn the Trainer's Award in 2002, 2004, and 2005

Photo by Bob Tarr
2006:  Third level (67%) and
Fourth level Champion (73%)

Photo by: Frieze Frame

2006: 4th at PSG, USDF Region 3 Championships (67%)

Photo by Brad Thatcher

2006: BLM Prix St Georges 
Championship (68%)

Photo by Pics of You

Not only did d'Artagnan win the
BLM Prix St Georges Championship,
but he was also the FEI high scoring horse
Photo by Brad Thatcher


d’Artagnan was the USDF Region One Champion in the Intermediaire I Musical Freestyle, and Reserve Champion in the Open Intermediaire Finals

Photo by Bob Tarr


d’Artagnan placed 6th in the inaugural
USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship


Dressage in the Sandhills High Score FEI (for the second year in a row). Lynn and d’Artagnan won the Prix St Georges division with a 72% from Lilo Fore, and the Intermediaire 1 with a 67.75% from Anne Gribbons. Lynn also won the TRAINER'S AWARD for the show. Lynn continued her winning streak and swept the FEI small tour -- Prix St Georges, Intermediaire 1, and Intermediaire Freestyle -- at the 2008 CDI/Capital Dressage Classic. Lilo Fore awarded them a 69.75% and commented "Well trained - nice to see horse's confidence in Rider. Good job."

photo by WNC Photo


This year was spent developing the movements 
necessary for Grand Prix


d’Artagnan made his Grand Prix debut and was 
Horse of the Year for the North Carolina Dressage and Combined Training Association

Photo by WNC photo


d’Artagnan won the NCDCTA Championships

Photo by WNC photo

NCDCTA Grand Prix Horse of the Year:


Photo by WNC photo


Lynn and d’Artagnan debuted their Grand Prix Musical Freestyle at Early Morning Blues Dressage

Photo by WNC photo

d’Artagnan won the NCDCTA Large Tour Championships and the FEI Musical Freestyle Championships


October 2013 d’Artagnan won the NCDCTA Grand Prix Musical Freestyle Championships 

November 2013 d’Artagnan won the Grand Prix Musical Freestyle open class at the Atlanta National Fall Dressage


Capital Dressage Classic - June 2015

d'Artagnan performing his winning (78.5%) Grand Prix Musical Freestyle

In 2016, d’Artagnan took on new responsibilities as a schoolmaster, and is currently helping to teach some of Lynn’s students. Most recently, he carried Melissa Deal to her USDF Bronze Medal.

Stripteeze Artist is a horse that Lynn helped foal, then bottle fed for the first three months of her life 
(her mother did not have any milk).  Lynn then started her under saddle, trained her to Grand Prix 
(Lynn did all the riding with help on the ground only) ..... and had the distinction of earning her USDF Gold Medal on her.  

To read more about “Stripper’s” unique story, CLICK HERE

Polar was the equine schoolmaster who was a tremendous influence with Lynn’s education, and with whom she performed her first Grand Prix freestyle.


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