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Since 1983, Lynn Leath has been the owner and trainer of North Star Training Center. Lynn is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, and has the unique distinction to have earned these medals on a mare that she bred, broke and trained to Grand Prix herself. Lynn was also awarded the USDF Musical Freestyle Gold Bar in 2012. A former event rider, Lynn now focuses exclusively on dressage. She has worked with Jessica Ransehousen since 1980. Jessica helped Lynn to establish the foundation of her training, and instilled in her the classical philosophy that there are no shortcuts...the work must be built upon correct fundamentals...regardless of the level.  

In 2001, Lynn also began working with Cathy Morelli, whose training system has added an indispensable depth to her riding and teaching. Cathy’s system of training taught her how to:

Bullet think "out of the box" (frame)

Bullet separate the aids rather than drive a horse into a "fixed" hand

Bullet find where to place each horse's neck in a position where they can be most balanced, and therefore most active in their hindquarters

Bullet explain to her horses and students that each aid has a purpose, and must get an appropriate response thus keeping the training "fair"

Bullet supple the individual parts of a horse's body separately, so that the end result is a light, balanced, active horse, that is a delight to watch and a pleasure to ride.

To learn more about Cathy, click HERE. Cathy frequently travels to NSTC to teach clinics. To find out when she will return, click HERE.

In 2013, Lynn began working with Susanne von Dietze:

“Since I had the fortune to have Susanne von Dietze enter my life, I have been introduced to the benefits of her teaching ideas, including Gyrotonic ®. As a rider, and a trainer, I’ve again expanded my ‘tool box’ to explain ‘stability through contrast,’ rather than strength. I encourage my riders to find their ‘balance center’ to help them find positive tension, rather than ‘holding’ themselves in a position that creates negative tension.”

Susanne von Dietze comes to NSTC each year to teach a clinic. To find out when she will return, click HERE. 

To learn more about Susanne von Dietze, click HERE

To learn more about Gyrotonic ®, click here: www.gyrotonic.com 

Although Lynn is an accomplished trainer and competitor, her thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. She attends yearly symposiums with international dressage competitors such as Jan Brink (pictured with Lynn at left, February ’08 USDF FEI Trainers’ Symposium), Steffen Peters (October ’08), Henk Van Bergen (2009 USDF FEI Trainer's Conference), Christoph Hess (2012 FEI Trainer’s Conference), World Equestrian Games, and World Cups.

Here is a link to an article written by Lynn: Simplicity, Test, Clarity

Lynn has also organized and hosted several symposiums for the NCDCTA with a variety of trainers, including: Kathy Connelly, JJ Tate, Henk van Bergen, Felicitas von Neumann-Cosell, and Susanne von Dietze.


Lynn has created a complete training program that extends beyond the arena to encompass all aspects of horse management, including:

Bullet Veterinary “wellness” program is spearheaded by Dr. Bob Grisel who travels from Atlanta to examine most of our horses 3-4 times year.  Dr. Bob’s goal is to spot potential problem areas before they turn into a chronic lameness.  

Bullet Dental care: Is provided by Dr. Bryan Taylor, DVM. Taylor Mobile Veterinary Dentistry. www.taylormadeteeth.com

Bullet Farrier care: Joey Hite does an outstanding job of shoeing our horses.  Plus he works extremely well with Dr. Bob

Bullet Nutritional care: Jayne Dewey is our equine consultant and liaison with Progressive Feed. www.prognutrition.com

Bullet Chiropractic care provided by Dr. Elizabeth Engel of Carolina Animal Chiropractics

Bullet Saddle and tack fitting:  Beth and Marty Haist of The Horse of Course visit a couple of times a year.

Lynn works together with this outstanding team of specialists, and tailors each horse’s regimen to fit their individual needs. “Full” training horses get worked five to six days a week. It usually works out to be three days that the owner rides in a lesson, and three times that Lynn rides. Rest assured that if you send your horse to be trained at NSTC - Lynn will be the only person riding your horse.  No working students will be given lessons on your horse! 

With respect to teaching and training, Lynn also strives to tailor her program to the unique needs of each horse and rider. Lynn’s students include professionals, adult amateurs, and young riders. Horses range from green to Grand Prix. Some students choose to keep their horses at home and trailer in for regular lessons. She rides some horses occasionally and others regularly, balancing the horse’s training requirements with those of the rider - from lunge lessons to show ring warm-up.

"An independent seat and hands are an essential part of good riding. I have found no better way to achieve this than on the lunge line, with a person on the ground, with an educated eye, making positive corrections."

Since Lynn did not begin riding until she was in her mid-20s, she has the unique ability to understand and empathize with the adult rider who is struggling to learn the demanding art of dressage. Lynn has coached many students to national titles and their own USDF bronze, silver and gold medals.  CLICK HERE  to read what Lynn's students have to say about her teaching and training. CLICK HERE to read an article about Lynn's teaching that appeared in the November '08 issue of Dressage Today.

Lynn's horsemanship, love of teaching, and outstanding communication skills will help you to achieve your goals. Make an appointment to meet Lynn Leath in person to see if you would like to consider either putting your horse in training at North Star Training Center, or trailering in for regular lessons.

CLICK HERE to read about training and lesson FEES

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