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6600 Maynard Farm Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Mobile: 919-270-7060







Elizabeth (Libby) Engel DVM, CAC
Carolina Animal Chiropractic



BS - University of Nebraska at Kearney 1987
DVM - Kansas State University 1991
CAC - Certified Animal Chiropractor- Options for Animals 1998

Libby is a veterinarian specializing in chiropractic.  She was a traditional small animal practitioner until 2015 when she decided to move to just chiropractic medicine. 

She works on mostly horses and dogs but can adjust any animal.  Libby’s father was a human chiropractor which is how she got interested in chiropractic.

She makes her home in Hillsborough with her husband Brent.  She has a daughter, Erin, who is a student at Appalachian State University and twin sons, Ben and Caleb, who are in High School at Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill.

She is an active member of Epworth United Methodist Church in Durham and through church has become a Haitian Missionary.  She and her family make yearly trips to Haiti where she teaches classes in animal husbandry, vaccinates and treats goats.

She is currently the President of Fond Doux Foundation.

She has 2 dogs and 2 cats at home.